'Well...Where the hell have you been?' 
I wish I had some great explanation for why I haven't posted in a while. Like 'Oh I was travelling around Europe and now I have a ton of photos to share with you' or 'I've been volunteering for charity and so my time away has been put to good use' But no... none of the above I'm afraid. 
I fact I've not even left the city where I live. I've just been feeling rather uninspired and didn't want to write about anything just for the sake of writing it, you know? 
I just thought I'd update you on 'My new lifestyle' I feel stupid even talking about it as when I read other blogs or watch videos on Youtube of people going through their lifestyle changes, they always seem to be doing everything right and have it all planned out. I don't :/ I've taken a sort of 'take things as they come' type of attitude (Basically meaning I've not put THAT much effort into changing anything too fast) 
I've started having breakfast. Which is good! I've recently started following the trend of having avocado on toast (Bit late I know) and I love it, I'm wondering why I've never tried it before. 
With being back at work it means I literally can not snack on anything, so that's good. and then I'll have a meal once I get home. 3 meals a day and I'm also more active than I was...BOOM! #OnIt
I've not gone as far as joining the gym. Instead I do the typical home work out. You know, moving the coffee table to one side putting on a pair of shorts, that kind of thing. I watch videos online and follow what they do. It might not seem like much but honestly, I feel great. I always say to myself that 'It's more than what I would have been doing if I stayed sat on the sofa' 
I've learnt that you don't need to jump into making huge changes right away. Just get into the habit of changing small things every now and then and in the long run it can really make a difference. I'm not talking about weight loss. I'm talking about feeling good on the inside. Feeling more energised and ready to get up and go. That's the main thing. 


James France

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