The Out List - Documentary

I just love Ellen! Even though that looks NOTHING like her! :D 
The Out List! It's a documentary focusing on those who are in the public eye, and also identify as being part of the LGBT acronym. Being gay myself I was already interested in the topic of the documentary and knew that I'd find it interesting, so I thought why not give it a watch. Also it features Ellen DeGeneres...Need I say more? 

I started watching this documentary expecting it to feature detailed accounts of celebrities lives and how they came out and all about their careers etc. I expected the documentary to follow these people around and show us behind the scenes of their family life and let us see who they are when the cameras aren't rolling (Which would be ironic as they'd be on camera for the documentary, but you know what I mean)  However, I was wrong as that isn't what the documentary was like at all. Instead of the 'follow me around' type documentary that I was expecting, it was more a selection of interviews with celebrities who identify as being part of LGBT. That's it...Even though it was interesting to hear people talk about certain experiences they'd had either in their careers or in their own private lives, I felt like I was constantly waiting for the film to get going. Just as I thought it was taking off and going somewhere it would fall back down again and start a new interview with someone, leaving the person who's story I was just starting to get into behind.

It may not sound like I enjoyed the film. But I actually did. I rated it 4 stars on Netflix. The reason I sound like I'm being critical of it is because I had big expectations before I watched it. I'd already pictured what type of documentary it would be and imagined how the story panned out from beginning to end. If I would have just sat down and watched it without over thinking it, then it would have been more enjoyable for me.
I think if you get a spare minute (hour really!) then you should definitely check it out.


James France

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