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I'm sorry I don't really have a big blog post today! Think of this as another fact about me :D 
So, anyone who knows me personally will know that I love to eat out! Restaurants, cafes, picnics. I'm all about that life. 
Every Thursday my friend and I meet up and go to our regular little cafe in town. We usually end up ordering the same things we always order. I order the tomato soup (Pictured above) It's the nicest tomato soup I've ever tasted. My friend orders an omelette with just about every omelette filling you can think of. It's honestly the best. 
We don't usually spend long together. Just a quick catch up over lunch and then we're back to our separate lives again. We're both at university and so we're usually busy with work. But honestly it doesn't matter. We keep in contact and make time to meet up once a week and that's all that counts. You don't have to speak to someone 24/7 to stay friends with them. You don't have to see each other every day to know they care. Just be there for them when they need you and you do the same for them. Being there is all that counts. 
Today, sure enough I'm catching up with my friend. 
I hope you guys all have people who make room for you in their lives and that you have people to care about too. 


James France

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