Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, Tested By Me - That's a mouthful...

For a while now I've heard other people literally buzzing over a particular clay face mask. The 'Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask'  
The one thing that makes this face mask different from all the others out there though is that it bubbles up on your face once applied. . That's right, bubbles! A bit like the michelin man, full on
 bubbles... Of course I had to try it. Not to see if it actually works and lenses my face etc. But just to see it bubble up on my face. Because why else?

I bought it from Amazon for £10.26! Which is a lot less than I thought it would be. I expected it to be at least over £20. Also there was no charge for post and packaging which was a bonus.
It arrived the following day, which is another reason why I love Amazon!

Yes! I'm still wearing my pyjamas...Yes I wear pyjamas!

I went overboard! The directions were obviously in Korean (I think so anyway...) So I decided to just wing it. The little pot was hard to open, it's kept air tight and I understand why as this thing begins to bubble almost as soon as it feels the air.  Once I'd finally managed to get into the pot I grabbed the little spatular and got to spreading. It was super easy to apply and took no time at all. I made sure every part of my face was covered (Even got some in my hair too...Ooops) It started bubbling before I'd finished rubbing it in! As it began to bubble it tingled slightly and I could hear all of the little bubbles as they formed, which made the whole situation funnier.
I sat down and waited for 5 minutes and this was when I decided to look online if there were any directions in English. I read somewhere that the spoon provided holds enough product to cover your whole face. This is after I'd applied about 4 spoons to my cheeks!
I'd love to tell you what's in the mask but I haven't done my research. However, I did find out that you can get about 15 uses out of the mask so that's good to know. Also, you can use it daily and it is not tested on animals.

I honestly didn't read much into the product before buying it. I'd seen peoples videos and read a few other blog posts about it, but not much else. I'll admit I bought this bubble mask on a whim as a bit of a novelty. I wanted to be able to take funny snapchats and have a laugh at myself in the mirror. Having said that though, I was actually surprised. It turned out that this is actually a really good product. After washing it all off and then showering like normal I found my skin feeling amazingly soft. Softer than it's been after using any other face cream/mask out there. I actually felt cleaner too.
I'll definitely be recommending it to everyone I know and due to the cheapness in price I'll definitely be buying a few more pots of the stuff.

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*Disclaimer - Now as I'm sure you're all aware, I am no expert when it comes to dishing out health advice etc. Everything I say should be taken lightly and should not be used as full on fact. If you want to start using a product or trying out a health tip then I suggest you research it for yourself first and understand it fully before doing so :D 

James France

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