Coconut Oil - What Dreams Are Made Of...

So, I have been a HUGE fan of coconut oil for quite some time now. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it has gone and done just that! I'd never heard of adding coconut oil to your morning coffee before but after stumbling across an article on the site 'Healthy Cures' (My fave site for finding out about new things to try that could benefit my health) I was intrigued to see how it tasted and if it would make my coffee more enjoyable, or send me running to spit it out. 
The site suggests it comes with some health benefits like helping to boost your metabolism. Who doesn't want that right? So I couldn't wait to try it out. I'ma big coffee drinker anyway and I'm sure that too many cups of coffee can be bad for you, so any suggestions to help benefit my health instead of destroy it are always welcome. 
I thought that adding the oil to the liquid would just make it greasy! I was right about this one but I think I made it wrong...I'll try again though as all the articles I read said it shouldn't actually be a difference in looks, oh well. It actually tasted amazing! I changed the recipe a little bit to suit my own taste. Instead of honey I added a small drop of syrup (Bad I know!) I also let out the vanilla extract as I'm not a huge fan of vanilla, also with adding syrup I thought it would be sweet enough. I think with me changing up the recipe slightly (and also making it in the same mug my coffee was being poured into, instead of a separate one) is maybe why the coconut oil left a thin oily layer on top of the drink. 
I'll admit I didn't want to drink it. It look almost like someone had just poured petrol into my mug. All shiny and greasy looking (I'm aware I'm not painting a great picture with this, but honestly it wasn't as bad as it's beginning to sound) I closed my eyes and took a sip! It was actually amazing. The flavour was completely different to how I'd pictured it in my head and I began to wonder why the hell I was only just learning about this. Everything I added to the coffee was just right. Not too strong or too weak. it wasn't long after my first sip and my mug was empty. 10 out of 10 will definitely be drinking my coffee this way again. 
I'm not going hit you with all the facts because to be honest I don't really know (or fully understand) them all. All I can tell you is that it helps to boost your metabolism and gives you energy to face the day with. I guess it'd be a good idea to drink this in the morning before heading out or before a work out session. Otherwise your body will have all this energy and you won't know what to do with yourself. 
So Healthy Cures you've done it again! Thank you 

*Disclaimer - Now as I'm sure you're all aware, I am no expert when it comes to dishing out health advice etc. Everything I say should be taken lightly and should not be used as full on fact. If you want to start using a product or trying out a health tip then I suggest you research it for yourself first and understand it fully before doing so :D 

James France

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