Chips For Breakfast...

Well that's it! I'm home for summer and I've now realised the effects university life has had on me. Chips for breakfast...That's right! Awful I know, but I couldn't help myself. Emptying last nights left overs into the bowl I felt guilt free. But now is a different story. After heading up to my bedroom to get dressed I realised I need to change my bad habits. I need to think more about the way I eat and eat for health and nutrition, rather than eating out of boredom. Eating has become something I do to pass the time and a bar of chocolate has become a necessity when watching a film or television programme. It has to stop.
As I've already mentioned, I'm heading on abroad at the end of September, which really isn't that far away if you think about it. Using this blog as motivation I'm going to change the way I eat. Now, I'm not talking anything crazy. I'm not on a 'journey to find myself' I just mean I'm going to start taking better care of myself and only eat whatever will fuel me in the long run. Foods filled with sugar are a definite no! That's a start at least! :D 
My aim is to be happier and healthier. I always see sporty/healthy people on television who are radiant and glowing all of the time. I want whatever they're having! And I'm not going to stop until I have it. I'm not wanting massive muscles and a ripped torso (Although that would be nice) One step at a time though hey!


James France

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