And The Winner Is...

So last night I was sat watching the television BAFTA awards and I loved it!  I love award shows. Listening to all the acceptance speeches and planning out my own in my head. Who I'd thank etc etc. 
I've noticed that quite often people will say 'It's not about the winning, it's an honour to be nominated' and it got me thinking, why can't everyone just be about more self confident, and not worry about being judged for being big headed or arrogant? Something I noticed happening throughout last nights show was people sending their condolences to the people who didn't win an award instead of focusing on themselves, and as for those people who didn't win awards, they always congratulate the winner. I mean of course giving someone praise if they've won something is what you should do. But, one day I want to tune into an event and hear someone say 'I'm actually gutted I didn't win' Not in a big headed sort of way. Just that they were hoping it was be their name called out on stage. 
As children we're often brought up hearing the phrase 'It's the taking part that counts' over and over again! Every sports day race. For a child like me I just accepted it. I wouldn't put that much effort into running as after all 'It's the taking part that counts' right? What would be the point in me putting all my effort in if it was only the taking part that counted! 
Of course taking part is a huge part of it, but so is the winning. It feels great to win and I think we should be told more to strive for what we want, instead of being told to accept failure and walk out with our heads held high. I'm not saying that if we do fail we should all throw tantrums and storm out. What I mean is, it's okay to want to win at something, and it's okay to admit you want to win too. 


James France

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