Absolutely Bananas...

I apologise for the title pun, but really, what else was I meant to call this post?
This morning I dusted off my old blender and decided to put it to use. Finally! It's been sitting on top of the refrigerator for quite some time now. Along with an old slow cooker. 
Smoothies are my favourite thing to wake up to (When I can be bothered to make one that is) I'm usually quite boring when it comes to flavours though with banana and cinnamon being my number 1 choice. I'll pop some strawberries in too if I'm feeling slightly more exotic though (As I said...I'm pretty boring)
During my first year at university I was inspired by my flatmates to buy a small blender. You know one of those individual ones where the blender becomes the bottle #Amazing! It was around £25 which I thought wasn't too bad, especially as I planned on using it everyday.
It arrived and it was everything I expected and more! You could say tat I over did it a bit with the whole making of smoothies and had about 3 within the first hour of it arriving. I'd found a list of recipes online and was just soooo desperate to try everything out. Adding peanut butter to some. Throwing in some kale too. It's safe to say that my stomach didn't thank me afterwards (TMI)
Anyway, along with being a student and living away from home I had to prioritise how I spent my money and fruit for smoothies didn't even come close to being at the top of the list, so the whole blending my breakfast took a back seat for a while and then was eventually forgotten about. Until now that is! Back on it with my favourite smoothies bananas, soya milk (or almond milk) along with cinnamon and sometimes the occasional tea spoon of peanut butter. I love having this in the mornings. It's super easy to make, just throw everything in the jug, measurements depend on how much you want to make, and hit blend. Boom! You're done, pour into your glass and drink! I usually drink smoothies through a straw as I don't like the feeling on my front teeth (Each to their own, hey!)
Bananas are filled with carbohydrates which makes it a great choice for a morning smoothie, especially if you're quite an active person (I'm not actually that active, however I hope to change that)
I'll be sure to post more smoothies I make and also other food/drink bits I try my hand at this summer!


James France

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