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Beginning to pack! (I apologise for my awful photos! I was in a rush...) P.S my room isn't that untidy usually!
As you know I'm getting ready to leave my university house and head back home for the summer. This means I have to take ALL of my stuff with me. I don't mind as I kinda love packing even if it does take me ages. I like to stop and look at things I forgot I had. But here's my A-Z list of things I like to remember when packing. I may not be able to think of something for every letter but I can give it a good go...


B. Boxes - This is all I could think of for B but it's also necessary. I love boxes and storage containers. I think they're so handy for when it comes to packing things away and organising your space. So yea, boxes are a must have. 

C. Coat hangers - This isn't just to do with packing, but also just in general. Keep your coat hangers! You can never have too many, trust me. I'm always searching for coat hangers and so I find having a box of them stores somewhere is great. You'll thank yourself later for doing so. 

D. Dust - This is more just something to be aware of when packing and it's also something I always seem to forget about. If I have a shelf that I've not touch in a long time then you can be sure that when I come to pack it away, it's dusty. Very dusty. MY nose gets itchy, my throat gets scratchy. Not good! Throw open some windows to keep the room ventilated. I know it won't get rid of the dust, but it will help a little. 

E. Energy - It doesn't seem like it, but you really do need a lot of energy to pack. The one thing I hate is packing a suitcase to boxes when I'm tired and feeling a bit drained. If I know I have a day of packing coming up I'll be sure to get plenty of sleep the night before. (I make it sound like I'm going mountain walking) 

F. Food - To get the energy you need, you need food! I like to start packing about an hour before lunch. That way I can get a good chunk of my organising out of the way. Break for lunch and then come back to it feeling energised and re-freshed ready for the second half. 

G. Garden - Depending on where you live and what the weather is like, I suggest packing/organising in the garden. Not only will it help with the dust situation, but also sitting out in the sun will make the whole task seem a lot nicer and more bearable. 

H. Help - Asking for help isn't a bad thing. Sometimes it can get the job done in half the time. Also having a friend/family member there helps keep you entertained. Having said that though, this isn't always the case. The other person could also serve as a distraction and just cause you to get into a bit of a mess (Your call)



K. Keep It Simple - The more you overload yourself with things you have to get done, the more you'll feel stressed. When you're stressed you're probably less likely to finish the task you've set for yourself. So keep it simple and take one step at a time,

L. Lists- Making a list of everything you pack up is also a great way to stay on top of everything. Make a list as you pack things into a box and then stick the list to the outside of it. That way you know exactly what's inside each one.

M. Music - Having music playing in the background creates nicer atmosphere I find. It's better to have a little playlist playing for you to sing a long to rather than be sitting in silence surrounded by boxes of your stuff. Who wants that? Not me...

N. Newspaper - Of course you can use other things too such as bubblewrap. Wrapping ornaments up in a few layers of newspaper can help prevent scratches that may occur when moving boxes around. It won't fully prevent breakages but it's 

O. Organised - Being organised when packing is the number 1! Seriously. I like to pack in categories. Cosmetics first, then clothes, then books and dads, then ornaments etc  Having labelled boxes also helps with the whole categories thing as it makes things easier to find when the room starts getting in a bit of mess. Also it makes it easier when unpacking again.



R. Rewards - So this one may seem slightly childish but I love it. Having little snacks that I like to hand really does motivate me. While I'm packing a suitcase for example I'll have a bowl of peanuts or some chocolate to hand (Of course there are healthier options) Food really is the best motivation for a hard task.

S. Stress - I find that when packing it can get a little bit stressful. Especially if you're on a tight schedule and need it done by a certain time. Don't panic. I always find that starting early and taking regular breaks helps, instead of starting late and then panicking at the last minute. Which brings me on to...

T. Time - I find that if I give myself time frames for each box that I'm sorting out it can really help. If I'm packing up a suitcase I might give myself 45 minutes to get it complete and then 30 minutes to sort out and pack up cosmetics. Obviously you will have your own time frames depending on how much stuff you have. But try to keep everything quick so you don't have time to get side tracked.

U. Unpacking - When packing I always think about when it comes to unpacking too. There's nothing worse than unpacking and for that reason I try to make it easier for myself. Not over cramming a box, keeping things in order for example pens and pencils in one box instead of spread out between 3 boxes. Little things like that really make a difference when unpacking. 

V. Volume - I feel like when packing you want to make sure you're efficient when it comes to how much space you have to work with. I like to make sure every box is filled as much as I can get it (without being over filled) before I close the lid and tape it up. This not only makes room in other boxes for your stuff but also means you can end up with fewer boxes to carry (Although probably heavier) 

W. Weight - This seems like a no brainer and kind of links in with the volume suggestion. When packing boxes I like to make sure all the heavier items go at the bottom and lighter objects at the top. Also, if possible I try not to make my boxes too heavy. Especially living in a house with 3 floors, it can be a pain trying to move things around. The lighter I can make a box while still making use of the space, the better. 




James France

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