10 Things That Make Me Happy...

This week I started back at work. I know I've had a super long break from it whilst being at university but it still sucks. He's 10 things that cheer me up when I feel stressed or just generally in a bad mood. 

1. Seeing old friends for the first time in forever

2. Eating something #amazing! when you've been super hungry for all day

3. Receiving compliment about something you're insecure about 

4. Being able to go outside without a coat on

5. Opening up a package that has bubble wrap in it #Duh!

6. Knowing you've made someone else smile 

7. The smell of rain in the morning (Especially when you don't have to leave the house)

8. Having a lazy day

9. Eating pizza on your lazy day

10. Melted cheese... On everything

James France

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