The Most Important Meal Of The Day...

I recently told you all that I've gotten into the habit of waking up earlier in the mornings. When it came to breakfast in the past I use to be quite bad at eating. Usually I'd just skip the whole meal all together. I'd use the excuse that I either wasn't hungry or just didn't have the time to prepare anything. If I did happen to eat something though it would be along the lines of a cereal bar or even just biscuit. Not good, I know!
One thing I've realised about waking up earlier is that I have time. That's right! And lots of it too. I have time to actually make myself something and still have time to shower, read, write, answer emails etc. And as you can see from the photo above, I don't just mean some slabs of toast with butter on. I mean actually make something. Sometimes it's pancakes. Other days it's something pastry related. Either way though, whatever I choose to eat it's filling (and usually unhealthy, but I don't care) However, on the odd occasion I have sat down to a fresh fruit salad and juice, so I'm not all bad! 
I feel like breakfast is definitely under rated when it comes to meal times. It sort of gets left behind in the race. When asking friends to come out for food with me everyone always assumes I mean for dinner. They think by saying 'food' I want to go out in the evening. Once I tell them I mean for breakfast I'm usually greeted with confused faces and laughs. On a number of occasions now I've found myself sat in a restaurant before 10am eating off of the breakfast menu. Walking into a restaurant and being greeted by the waiters who appear to be almost dead behind the eyes always amuses me. 

I think it's great to try something different. Especially when it comes to food. Of course I could be a lot healthier and treat myself better when it comes to nutrition. "I'm just living in the moment" I tell people. I'll get to that one day, but for now I'll stick to the sweet stuff.


James France

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