150 Days Of Summer...

It's the only summery photo I've taken so far...
In just two weeks time I'll be finishing my second year at university and I'll be heading into the last summer I'll have whilst in full-time education. I'm not sure I'm ready for this just yet! Hopefully I'll be having the best summer ever...(Jokes, I'll be working) But I'll have plenty of time for sure. This summer I have 5 months! That's right, 5 months ahead of me. What on earth am I going to do?
Since being at university I've realised that time really does fly though, so those 5 months are sure to feel like 5 weeks. And I'm going to make every second count. 
It seems like only yesterday I was moving into my little flat in halls and struggling to find my way around the campus. Now, I'm packing up my room from my student house and getting ready to move into my third student accommodation flat. I should be happy. This is my final year before I'm let loose into the world. I am happy. I am thrilled at the fact I can start career hunting and living life like a 'real adult' without tutors giving me deadlines and grading my work. (Sounds like a dream right?) 
This summer I've promised myself that I'm going to live it to the fullest. I know this is literally the line that everyone says and I'm aware it's very cliche. But it's true. This summer I want to live it like I'm in one of those coming of age movies. I want everything I do to count for something and have meaning. 
Rest assured that whatever I do will be uploaded to this blog. So stay tuned, I think it's going to be worth it...


James France

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