I'm Convinced My House Is Haunted...


Okay, so I'm sure most people have said this phrase (The title) at least once in their lives. Even all you none believers, I can see the fear behind your eyes. Small bumps in the night or doors swinging when there't no draft. What if there's a demon stood outside my bedroom door? It's something I think about on a daily basis.
So you may now be thinking 'James, you're crazy, ghosts aren't real, just shh!' But I swear I have a good reason to think it. I should start by saying that my house is next to an abandoned church. Yup, I said abandoned! Gates rotting and doors swinging on their hinges in true horror movie style.
You see I can't even count on both my hands the amount of times I've been lying awake at 3am listening to bumps in the night. My bedroom is in the attic which makes the whole situation creepier than it probably is. My friend and I will often sit on my bed telling each other stories and wondering what the rattles coming from the lounge could be (It's always a ghost, of course) I always make the situation worse by pretending there's someone stood outside the window. But then the joke's on me as I'm the one who can't get to sleep at night...GREAT!
The worst thing ever! Happened one night when my friend and I swear we heard our names being whispered from outside the kitchen window. The kitchen window looks out onto the back garden and we live in the sticks...Literally in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields, so who the hell was was whispering our names?... Of course we screamed and ran away, as we always do. We always come and camp out in my bedroom, which like I said is in the attic so we have two flights of stairs to run up. Gasping for air and feeling super unfit I lock my bedroom door! That's it, we were in for the night! There's no way were going back downstairs. What with demons hanging around the place.
It's always the worst when I'm left in the house at night alone. That's when the real fear kicks in. You know when you're lying in bed with your headphones in? And every 5 seconds you're pausing the song because you think you heard something...Well that's how I spend my Saturday nights. Pausing and replaying. Pausing and replaying. And then desperately trying to get to sleep so it can be morning. We all know ghosts don't come out in the daytime...
I have about a month left of this torture and then I move out and into a new place. In a converted victorian bakery...I sure choose great places to live!

Of course everything can be put down to rattling pipes, creaky floor boards and of course the wind (Most likely our imaginations have a part to play too) But I think it's much more fun to imagine my house is haunted, don't you?


James France

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