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My current 'Office' space!
Being organised is something I get told to be when I'm at university (A lot!) But actually getting to the point where I can confidently say 'Yes, I'm organised' is hard. However, I am trying my best and thought I'd share my tips with you about how to hopefully be a better, more organised you!

Lists! They are my number 1 when it comes to organisation for sure. Especially hand written lists. As much as I love making lists using the notes sections on my phone/I pad and Mac, I find I can't stick to them as much as a good old fashioned hand written one. There's something pleasing about being able to physically cross off an item once I've completed it.

One By One! When I have a lot of work to do I find it easier to separate the tasks into smaller bits. This way it's more manageable. For example, if I know I have 3 essays to write and a podcast to record. I'll dedicate a few hours of each day to each individual task. Instead of trying to cram everything into a couple of hours. This way I can keep on top of everything and clearly see how much I have left to do.

Less Clutter! Having a cluttered space is definitely a big NO! when it comes to trying to stay organised. When sitting at a desk the last thing you want is to be rummaging around through papers and pens trying to find what you need. The same goes for clutter on your actual screen too. It helps to have an organised desktop and keep your links and folders clearly labelled and easy to find. One thing I've found that's helped me greatly, is designing a desktop background that features 4 large columns. This way I can organise my folders into different categories. University, Social, Photos and then anything else that doesn't quite fit into a category just yet. It's super simple to do using a programme like Microsoft Word. All you need to do is place four boxes somewhere on your document. Then export it as a PDF. You're done! Set it as your desktop background and you can get to work organising your folders and files.

Save The Date! I'm so grateful that my life is not super busy right now. However, I do have places to be and people to see. So, this is where I move into the digital age. Any meeting I have to attend or catch up with a friend is safely stored into my phones built in calendar app. My phone usually reminds me the day before of an event I have coming up the following day and also reminds on the morning of the event itself. It's a very lazy way to organise my time, but it's super efficient and reliable. I do have a hard copy calendar hanging on my wall too, but this is where things like birthdays get written.

Since applying a few little tricks here and there I have managed to stay super organised this year. It's crazy to think that de-cluttering your work space can actually de-clutter your mind too.


James France

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