Gay is not okay...

I should probably start by saying that this post contains a lot of my opinions. I'm speaking on what I believe and what I feel. I'm aware not everyone will feel the same way as I do. All I ask is that you accept my opinion. 

It seems as though you can't turn your head in any direction without seeing some part of the LGBT acronym. A symbol that's come to stand for everything related to the Gay community. It lets people feel like they belong and also reminds us of those who have felt forced to take their own lives after not being accepted.

Using the word Gay to describe something as a negative is not only hurtful, but also it's wrong. Let me break it down for a second. The word Gay relates to a homosexual. Someone who is attracted to another person of the same gender as them. Also, the term can relate to something that is light hearted and care free. What shocked me the most is that on a certain dictionary website (I won't name and shame) it lists the word Gay as being something that's unimpressive, foolish or stupid. Yes, they do label it as offensive, but the fact they've given the word that definition in the first place I think is just wrong. Just when I thought we were moving away from it. I'm not sure how long it's been in the line up as this definition, but honestly it doesn't matter. It should be changed (I think so and I'm sure a few others do too too)

In a way It's bullying. Even if you don't realise it. The word has the ability to make people feel small. There's no other way to describe it really. If you knowingly blurt the word out in public without thinking about who's around you be offending a whole lot of people. I don't think a lot of people actually realise this. But that doesn't make it okay. People should be made aware of this from a young age and told simply not to use it to describe something they don't like or something they think is stupid. At the high school I attended we did actually have an assembly dedicated to the correct use of the word after a few teachers got tired of hearing it being shouted around the corridors.
Hearing the word Gay in the wrong context can make people in the LGBT community feel ashamed of who they are and almost takes people back to square one in accepting themselves, especially if they're not out yet (This is speaking from personal experience and others may disagree with me)

I know they'll be people reading this and thinking 'You're just being over sensitive'
This is not the case. The word Gay describes part of who I am, along with so many others, so using it to describe something that you don't like can hurt. A lot!
I'm not writing this post saying that everyone who uses the word in this way is homophobic. That's not the case at all. I just think people should think twice before saying it out loud. Especially in situations where they don't know everyones background and family history. You could be offending someone or their relatives without knowing and I can guarantee that their opinion of you will change. Not for the better either.


James France

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