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Last week the UK was hit with two very, very hot days. The sun was shining and  the Great British public laid bare their skin for all to see. All but me that was. As I opened my window to feel the warmth on my skin and sun rays on my eyes I decided it would be a great idea to dust off the shorts that had been sitting in my bottom drawer and join everyone else in getting my legs out. There was a problem though. They didn't fit me anymore. It's been quite some time since I needed to wear shorts and so now I was left standing in my bedroom with only my jeans to support me through the hot weather. GREAT!
For what feels like a lifetime I've wanted there to be more online retailers that stocked mens clothes. It seems like girls have double the amount of options men have when it comes to online shopping (prepare to be shouted at) And has done it. 
With my 30% off voucher in hand I logged onto their website and started browsing through their selection. Naturally. With the weather getting warmer and holidays planned I needed some shorts. And quick. 
I placed my order on the Friday night. I'd only paid for normal delivery and so was told my items would arrive the following Friday. 
Well...Here's why is quickly becoming my new best friend. Sunday morning came around, along with a knock at my front door. It was only my delivery. Talk about speed!
I ran upstairs and ripped the bag open. Out poured my new pairs of shorts and also a T-shirt (It was £3 I couldn't help myself) 
Next came the bedroom fashion show (To an audience of none) They fit well despite one of the pairs of shorts being one size smaller than what I originally ordered. The real problem came when I tried on the t-shirt. I ordered a large as this is my size in most other retail shops. Well...The t-shirt fits like a XS. A little disappointed, but I'm honestly not too bothered as it was an impulse buy and only £3 in the sale. But I still would have liked a t-shirt that fit. So my advice would be to be careful with sizing and possibly order the next size up (To be safe)
One thing I can say is that my bank card can expect to be hit a couple more times with orders as I can guarantee that I'll use the site again. 
Now off to soak up the sun while it lasts!


James France

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