10 Thing That Make Me Happy...

Mondays have gotten themselves a bad name for being quite boring. I'm going to attempt to brighten mine up by listing 10 things that I love! 
Here we go.

1. The first scoop of ice cream out of the tub

2. That moment when you finally get into a good book

3. Smiling at someone and having them smile back

4. The first nights sleep under fresh bed sheets.

5. The smell of BBQs in the summer 

6. Waking up way before your alarm and then snuggling back down under your duvet.

7. Wearing new clothes out for the first time

8. Scented candles at Christmas

9. Online shopping

10. Everyones favourite....Freshly cut grass

I think I'm going to do a '10 things...' list every Monday. I like lists. They make me feel somewhat organised. 


James France

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